We’re approaching the halfway mark of the Summer and we are very happy to say our parties are going from strength to strength. Outdoor, daytime events championing what we believe to be the Authentic Ibiza!

Before the era of the Superstar DJ the balearic party experience was all about a coming together of likeminded people looking to enjoy themselves and the island they have decided to come to. There was little attention paid to which big name DJ was behind the decks and the soul of the party was all that people cared about. As champions of this idealist view, we here at The Zoo Project have for a few years decided not to release our ineups apart from a few clues here and there as to who you might expect to see that week. In doing so the focus is always firmly on the crowd and we trust people to come to the party simply because they know it’s going to be good. To promote a party like this in the current Ibiza climate is a fairly bold move but luckily for us it is most certainly working out! With this in mind you may expect the DJs on show to be somewhat unknown however this is not the case and so far this Summer we’ve seen great sets from Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, Miguel Campbell, Jacky, Nakadia, Burnski, Dana Ruh, Terry Francis, Timo Maas and many more international headliners. One of the great things about turning up at the Zoo Project is you never know who you’re going to see!

Alongside the music the Zoo Project experience has lots more to offer. The venue is like nothing else in Ibiza and must be seen to believed. The abandoned Zoo weaves its way through the Ses Paisses hills encompassing pine trees, swimming pools, open-air food stalls, the healing calm of the Mandala Garden, the amphitheatre like Seal Pit and the especially impressive Tree House stage. Each week we take over the venue with the help of our renowned performance and artistic teams. From acrobats to ostriches, tightrope walkers to dancers, capoeira to lion taming, simply put The Zoo Project is the best show on the island!

If you are looking for a more conscious trip then the Mandala Garden is the place for you. Each week the team focus this part of the event around the healing properties of dance and self exploration. With live music coming from all corners of the globe and workshops from as far afield as Africa the Mandala Garden experience is truly unique and is often the highlight for many of our customers; for those already aware of it’s charms and also for those first-timers who stumble across this little piece of paradise.

We’ve got loads more fantastic surprises lined up over the coming weeks which we can’t wait to share with you. For now take a look at this recap video and relive the memories if your were here and look at what you missed out on if you weren’t! It’s all about Zoo!


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